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Programs and Classes

Tai Chi Chuan Promotes Serenity Through Gentle, Energizing and Flowing Movements

Learn a rhythmical, artistic, ancient exercise for the home or office, indoors or outdoors.

Benefits may include:   

             * Enhanced  posture          

             * Improved balance                      

             * Eased joint stiffness and range of

             * Promote relaxation               

             * Increased body awareness

 Classes for Adults with Down's Syndrome

Tai Chi Chuan classes offered

at the

Albert Puhols Wellness Center

     For more information, please contact

Stacey Laughlin, LMSW  


"After twenty years practicing various forms of Tai Chi, these classes have given me a new appreciation of the art of practicing Tai Chi.  The classes are fun and relaxing, while still being a great workout!"

Steve S.
St. Louis, MO

"I have noticed lately that my standing posture has changed and I feel less stressed. The SUN style exercises (aka sections) seem so easy to learn and perform all because of our teacher...With his knowledge & experience with several styles of Tai Chi and martial arts, he created/modified the sections in such a way to get the best benefits of all the styles in easy to do steps within a short period of time."

St. Louis, MO